Planning For Change

The Mowlem is at a crossroads. Never before in its history has the trust been in such an excellent position to make the changes necessary to become a thriving cultural hub for Swanage, contributing to the well-being of its residents and the economic regeneration of Purbeck.

We now have a re-invigorated Board of Trustees, which embodies the wide range of skills necessary to deliver change. This board is committed to involving the community and our stakeholders in providing the organisation, programme and events that fulfil its cultural aspirations.

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The Mowlem Institute Charity Business Plan: Planning for Change

Below, you will find a list of appendices available to download that support our 2022 Business Plan.

  1. Principal Employees (appendix one)
  2. Marketing Procedure (appendix three)
  3. Mowlem Constitution (appendix five) consisting of:


You can also download the Business Plan figures.

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